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May 2018 Archives

Certain actions and behaviors to avoid during a divorce

Making the decision to dissolve a marriage is rarely easy. With the potential impact the outcome of a divorce could have on one's finances, many individuals in New Jersey who face a similar situation might be uncertain how best to prepare for the process. While knowing what to expect during divorce proceedings may prove beneficial, it may also be advisable to gain an understanding what actions or behaviors to avoid during this period.

Divorce: Protecting one's interests during a prolonged separation

Reaching to decision to dissolve a marriage can be difficult, and many individuals in New Jersey may wish to give a fair amount of thought into the process before reaching a conclusion. However, while a divorce might not be imminent, a couple might still decide to separate during this period. In periods of extended separation, a person may find it advisable to take certain precautions to protect his or her finances from potentially devastating consequences.

Understanding the proper uses of child support payments

Upon making the decision to dissolve a marriage, parents in New Jersey may consider it imperative to provide their kids with the necessary financial support to meet all their needs. However, reaching an agreement regarding child support payments could prove challenging at times, as this can be a highly contestable topic. Prior to entering divorce proceedings, a parent could find it beneficial to speak with a family law attorney for guidance on the proper uses of child support payments.

Child custody: Summer vacations could alter parenting schedules

When it comes to reaching an acceptable and amicable parenting schedule, many individuals in New Jersey may find it crucial to focus on providing for the everyday needs of their kids. However, while forming a normal routine can be beneficial in a variety of ways, certain circumstances can be difficult to plan for. When discussing child custody, parents may also find it helpful to account for scenarios such as summer vacations from school, as these could alter the responsibilities and needs of all parties involved.

Giving a fair amount of thought about the decision to divorce

Many married couples in New Jersey and elsewhere experience rough patches in their relationships from time to time. While in some cases, this may involve little more than a series of disagreements, in others, the issues might stem from deeper concerns that force a couple to re-evaluate the future of their relationship. Since divorce is a major life event that can have a significant impact on a person's life, giving a fair amount of thought into the decision is advisable.