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How Can I Appeal Support Enforcements in Central New Jersey?

In order to enforce an order for support—or to request a change in the support amount—you must file a motion with the family court. The decision to enforce the order or not will take place after a hearing. If you disagree with the court’s decision, you have the option to appeal or take the decision to a higher court.

If you are having problems after a child or spousal support settlement, you do have options. Whether your former spouse is refusing to pay the court-ordered amount or proposing to increase the amount you must pay, there are court processes one of our family law attorneys can help you navigate that allow you to make your case.

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Paying Back Support in Arrears (Debt)

If the court decides in favor of the spouse filing the enforcement order, the spouse who owes support may incur a variety of consequences. If payments are not remitted, the funds may be garnished from wages or taken from any tax refunds. It’s also possible that the spouse’s driver’s license could be suspended, passport denied, or a judgment passed that prevents the individual from buying or selling property. As a last resort, a warrant may be issued for the spouse’s arrest.

Lane & Lane, LLC can assist with the following legal services associated with enforcement:

  • Help you become acquainted with your options and counsel you on the best course of action
  • File an enforcement application for child support, spousal support, or both
  • Represent you during enforcement hearings in family court
  • Defend against a proposed enforcement motion that is unfair, or that you can’t feasibly pay
  • Walk you through and defend you in the appeals process

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