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The potential benefits of seeking counsel prior to divorce

Individuals in New Jersey and across the nation may face a variety of difficult choices upon making the decision to end a marriage. The potential financial ramifications of divorce may leave some seeking out ways to cut down on the costs of the process, such as self-representation. However, dissolving a marriage can be a stressful and complex process and seeking legal counsel could prove imperative to preparing to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable.

The average person may be unaware of the potential importance of being fully aware of New Jersey divorce laws and how they may apply to the situation. As such, obtaining guidance from someone who is knowledgeable in such matters could prove vital to forming a strategy for what comes next. Entering the process without knowledge of laws and courtroom procedures could leave a person at a disadvantage.

Previous experience might not always make divorce easier

Upon deciding to dissolve a marriage, individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere who have been through a similar life event before may feel they have a better understanding of what to expect. However, when it comes to a second divorce, some of the issues that may arise might not have been present in the previous circumstance. Seeking guidance in understanding the potential concerns of a second divorce could prove imperative to preparing to pursue a favorable outcome.

Studies indicate that second divorces typically occur later in life, and as such, the parties involved could have a great deal more assets on the line. As the pool of assets increases, so may the complexity of reaching an amicable agreement for property division. Experts also indicate that arrangements from a previous divorce such as agreements for child or spousal support could also have an influence on one's current situation.

Steps to take once a divorce decree is obtained

Dissolving a marriage can be a stressful and emotional process that could have a substantial impact on the lives of everyone involved. Seeking guidance in what to expect from and how to prepare for divorce proceedings may help a person in New Jersey better prepare to pursue the best outcome achievable during legal proceedings. However, the process might not end once a divorce is finalized, as there may still be steps to take even after a divorce decree is obtained.

Although a divorce decree may depict the manner in which assets will be divided, one may still need to take steps to retitle assets and update account information. With assets such as a home, one might need to obtain a quitclaim deed to change the information on the title of this asset. Since assets such as joint bank accounts typically remain under both names, it may be advisable to close them and open new accounts.

Understanding how a divorce could impact one's credit

It is no secret that dissolving a marriage can have an impact on a person's finances. However, some individuals in New Jersey might not be fully aware of how substantial an impact this could be if the necessary measures are not taken. For instance, those facing divorce may find it advisable to take certain steps to protect their credit scores, as failing to do so could prove devastating.

It might not be uncommon for many married couples to make the decision to open up joint banking accounts. Upon deciding to take separate paths in life, addressing these accounts could prove vital, as any activity that shows up on these accounts later on will still show up on one's credit report. Those who are facing divorce may find it advisable to close any joint accounts as soon as possible, as doing so could prevent a potential disaster.

Seeking modifications to spousal support payments after divorce

There may be a variety of variables that are taken into consideration when it comes to determining the amount and duration of spousal support payments. However, these figures might not always be set in stone, as there are certain scenarios in which it may be possible to pursue modifications to the original agreement. Individuals in New Jersey who have gone through a divorce may find it helpful to better understand the circumstances in which a need for modification may arise.

In some cases, the original agreement for spousal support may include terms dictating the scenarios in which modifications might become necessary. Some of these scenarios may include terms relating to any future increases or decreases to the cost of living. These terms could also address issues such as the possibility of a substantial change in income on the part of either party.

Gray divorce presents unique challenges

These days, it seems that more and more couples in New Jersey are deciding to divorce later in life. In the last 20 years, divorce rates have nearly doubled among adults ages 50 and older in the United States. Late-life divorce, also known as gray divorce, can have unique challenges. Ending a marriage is difficult and stressful at any age, but separating late in life can have drastic effects on physical and mental health.

Not surprisingly, studies have shown that those divorcing later in life have higher rates of anxiety and depression. Psychological distress can lead to a whole host of other health problems. Those who are depressed may stop exercising and become sedentary. Without exercise, things like blood pressure and diabetes can get out of control.

Artist owes nearly $30K in unpaid child support

Most parents want whatever is best for their children, even if they are no longer in a relationship with the other parent. In certain circumstances, that can mean one parent making child support payments to the other so that their shared children receive the proper care. In New Jersey, some parents may have difficulty making those payments, depending on their exact financial circumstances. There are parents who often fail to honor court-ordered child support agreements, and it can have serious consequences on a child and his or her other parent. This is what one out-of-state attorney general argued when it compelled a famous artist to pay the full amount of past-due child support payments he owed.

The attorney general's office alleges that an artist who has painted several portraits of celebrities and owns multiple homes failed to make proper child support payments. Representatives for the attorney general say that the artist owed almost $29,000 to the mother of his daughter. The two of them reportedly had to make use of state aid in order to make ends meet. The payments hadn't been made in 10 years.

How Louisiana residents can avoid divorce mistakes

It may be hard to believe, but there might be a right and a not so right way to end a marriage. There are mistakes New Jersey residents could make during their divorces which could cause even more stress. The first error is not pausing and thinking about the situation and making random decisions without any plans in place. Talking to people who might be able to help, like an attorney and financial planner, may be a good first step if divorce is on the horizon.

Keeping a divorce classy is also a good rule of thumb. No one accomplishes anything by sending hateful text messages, emails or leaving nasty voice messages to a soon-to-be former spouse. Posting anything negative on social media is also ill-advised. It may come back to be an embarrassment and once it's out there, it can't be taken back.

Keeping watch over a child's behavior during and after divorce

When confronted with a stressful and difficult scenario such as the end of a marriage, it might not be that uncommon for children to act out. Children often have trouble understanding the concept of divorce and they may have trouble dealing with the emotions they experience. Parents in New Jersey who wish to protect their kids throughout this process may find it helpful to gain awareness of the signs that indicate they might be struggling to cope with divorce.

The end of a marriage can be a challenging process for everyone involved. However, such a life event could prove more difficult for children, as they may have trouble understanding what is happening to their lives. Kids may experience a variety of emotions during this period, ranging anywhere from anger and frustration to sadness and confusion, and addressing these issues could prove essential to protecting their well-being.

Tips for a less painful divorce

The end of a marriage is without a doubt very emotional and stressful. Virtually no couple ever gets married with the end in mind. However, that's exactly what ultimately happens to half of all marriages in New Jersey and across the United States. Spouses separate for a number of reasons, but regardless of the reason, divorce can be devastating. Here are a few tips to help those who may be going through this tough experience.

It may be difficult to think in this context, but it can be helpful to think of a divorce as the termination of a contract. Marriage is a legal contract, and divorce is a process to terminate that contract. It is always important to acknowledge and process emotions, but thinking of divorce as a business move can help to alleviate painful emotions commonly associated with divorce.