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Man Disputes Child Support Responsibility for Another Man’s Child

Every so often, reports appear in New Jersey or elsewhere about fathers having to pay support for children that are not theirs. A talk show host in another state is fighting such a battle after learning that the girl he raised and paid child support during his marriage and after his divorce was not his child. Unfortunately, the man reportedly tried to resolve the issue on his own with no success.

The man contends that his former wife informed him that she intended changing the child’s last name before she remarried. When he refused to give his consent, she allegedly informed him that he was not the child’s father. This prompted him to have DNA tests done, which confirmed the mother’s claims. The child’s biological father was identified, but he apparently has no intention to take responsibility for the child of which he had no knowledge.

The man says he then tried to submit DNA evidence to the court in an attempt to get out of paying $730 child support and health insurance per month. However, he claims that he tried this action without the guidance of legal counsel and was shown away because he failed to follow the correct procedures for filing evidence. He also claims that a judge told him that he could not be relieved of his child support duties until another person steps up to accept the responsibility.

A New Jersey parent who wants to pursue action to prove that he is not the parent of a child for whom he is paying child support may find that the help of an experienced family law attorney can be invaluable. A lawyer who knows the laws related to the issue and the remedies available to resolve issues can assess the circumstances. Based on the unique details of the situation, the attorney can suggest the most appropriate steps to take and provide guidance and support throughout the legal proceedings that will follow.

Source: FOX31 Denver, “Man forced to pay child support despite DNA test results“, Rob Low, July 27, 2016