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Comprehensive Legal Services for Family Matters in Somerville, NJ

Family law cases can be both contentious and complicated to resolve. As they are also personal issues, it is essential to consult a reputable family lawyer to ensure your family and assets are treated with care when presented with a legal matter. Whether you require legal representation in your divorce, need to resolve a child custody dispute, or would like to modify an aspect of your divorce agreement, our experienced family law attorneys serving Somerset County can provide the comprehensive support and dedicated legal advocacy expected.

Understanding Family Law in New Jersey

Family law is a legal practice area that focuses on family relationships and deals with issues such as divorce, divorce modifications, child custody, and child support.

Full Range of Family Law Services

The family law issues we can assist you with include the following:

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When to Seek Guidance from a Family Lawyer

When it comes to family law matters, it is advised to consult with a family law attorney who is familiar with such issues and has experience successfully securing favorable case outcomes. Here is how you know when it is time to consult with a family law attorney:

  • Co-parent refuses to follow your custody agreement
  • Spouse refuses to get divorced or cannot be reasoned with to reach an agreement
  • You need to modify part of your divorce agreement
  • Co-parent has put your child in danger and is considered unfit
  • You wish to relocate with your child
  • You would like to pursue an appeal
  • You need to enforce a custody agreement

Our attorneys at Lane & Lane, LLC understand that family law cases are challenging to navigate. When resolving these issues, we take a compassionate approach; however, our family law lawyers serving Somerset County are not afraid to fight for you in court if needed. We are always trial ready to help you find the best way forward.

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our clients share their experiences

  • “He gave me the facts straight and handled me as well as my dispute excellently.”

    - Gary R.
  • “I've learned so much from him while working together on my divorce case.”

    - Ching F.
  • “He guided me through the process and settled my nerves when I was apprehensive. He has my best interests and made sure I was protected. He really knew his business and I am so happy that I selected him to represent me. He made himself available to me almos”

    - Myria T.

Let us devote our time to your case  that can range from divorce, child custody, equitable distribution, domestic violence, and more. We are committed to find an end solution that you and your family can walk away from with peace of mind.