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February 2018 Archives

The silver screen is for entertainment, not advice on divorce

Many movies are founded on real life experience individuals face such as the end of a marriage. When individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere watch films about divorce, they may feel moved by the message involved, or even by an actor's performance. However, the messages depicted on the silver screen shouldn't be used as a guide for those experiencing such issues, as the information within could be misleading or not even applicable to one's specific circumstances.

Looking toward the future during divorce in New Jersey

For couples who have chosen to take separate paths in life, the end of a relationship can be challenging enough as is. However, some may also feel that one of the most intimidating aspects of divorce is the uncertainty of what happens next. When facing a similar situation, individuals in New Jersey who seek guidance on the necessary steps to take during and after divorce might find the transition to be less stressful than expected.

Changes to taxes could add to the stress of divorce

Financial security is a crucial concern for many individuals who are going through the end of a marriage. This can make certain topics in divorce somewhat intimidating, such as those pertaining to the division of assets and spousal support payments. In a process that may already be fraught with uncertainty, changes to how alimony payments are taxed could leave some individuals in New Jersey wondering if they can even afford to part ways.

Divorce: High levels of conflict could be harmful to the kids

Over the course of marriage, a couple is bound to get into an argument from time to time. While in some cases, disagreements may be few and far between, in others, conflict could be a prevalent issue. For parents in New Jersey, high levels of conflict could be a significant concern, as it can have a detrimental impact on the kids. If the relationship between two parents is no longer functional, they may find that a divorce could be in the best interests of everyone involved.