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September 2017 Archives

Domestic violence: The emotional ramifications of financial abuse

Abuse can come in many shapes and forms, each of which can do a substantial amount of harm to an individual. Victims of domestic violence can suffer in various ways, even if the damage done isn't physical in nature. Individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere that are abused financially may find it beneficial to seek guidance in ways to spot such actions and protect their future.

Financial considerations for those facing divorce in New Jersey

The end of a marriage can have a substantial impact on a person's financial future. Most individuals marry with the intent of remaining together throughout life. When facing divorce, one might want to consider seeking guidance on the crucial steps to take throughout the process.

Considerations when seeking to modify a child custody agreement

Many individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere have experienced a change in circumstances at some point in life. This could occur in a variety of areas, such as employment, which can spark a need for relocation. For parents who have an existing child custody agreement in place, a similar change in life could prompt a need to revisit the original order and request a modification.

Misleading information could add unnecessary stress to divorce

There may be numerous crucial factors to consider when ending a marriage, each of which could have a substantial impact on the lives of those involved. Those facing divorce in New Jersey may have concerns about how the process will affect their future, potentially prompting many to seek guidance from a variety of sources. However, there may be some prevalent misconceptions regarding the process, and taking care to avoid being misled could help a person avoid a potentially devastating outcome.