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If a Spouse Remarries, Can It Impact a Child Support Order?

Following a divorce, whether soon thereafter or even years later, many individuals make the decision to remarry. In some scenarios, the former spouse may be unaware or uninterested in the matter, but for those who have children, there may be some concerns. Individuals in New Jersey who are facing a similar situation may wonder how a remarriage might affect certain areas, such as the existing child support agreement.

Changes in life can cause financial standings to fluctuate, and while a parent may wish to provide for his or her child’s every need, they may not want to suffer unnecessarily in the process. A new marriage among either spouse could potentially add a source of income, but this individual generally isn’t legally responsible for the child. In most cases, a change to the previous support agreement cannot be sought solely on the grounds of the new marriage.

However, other areas might be affected by this relationship, such as spousal support, which will change current obligations related to this type of arrangement. However, the parent will still be responsible for adhering to the previous child support order. In some rare scenarios, the court might consider the financial obligations of both spouses if financial circumstances change significantly, and make adjustments where necessary in accordance with the best interests of the child.

Those who have concerns of any kind regarding child support will likely find it beneficial to seek advice from someone with experience in such intricate matters. An attorney can cover all of a client’s financial concerns and needs and advise him or her of any changes that may be possible. If a change is necessary, an attorney in New Jersey can subsequently assist a client in pursuing the most favorable outcome concerning the proposed modifications.

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