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August 2017 Archives

Seeking advice in preparing for child custody negotiations

When two parents in New Jersey decide to move in separate directions, the well-being of their kids may be of the utmost importance. Those who decide to divorce may seek to pursue a child custody agreement that is in keeping with the best interests of the young ones, but this could prove difficult, especially during such a highly emotional time. When facing a similar situation, a parent may find it beneficial to take certain measures to prepare for every scenario before entering negotiations.

Preparing for the financial aspects of divorce in New Jersey

Individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere may put a great deal of thought into the decision to end a marriage. Perhaps one of the most significant concerns for an individual considering divorce could pertain to his or her financial future. The division of property and assets will inherently have an impact on this area of life, but one may find that taking measures to prepare for every possibility before entering negotiations could prove beneficial to life moving forward.

Weighing the pros and cons of nesting re child custody

Parents in New Jersey and elsewhere who are considering divorce may have concerns about how the process will affect their children. In many cases, a parent may go to great lengths to protect his or her young ones from suffering. When negotiating a child custody agreement, some parents have recently chosen to weigh the pros and cons of nesting.

Thinking of divorce as a beginning instead of an end

Many couples in New Jersey and elsewhere may enter marriage with the intent of remaining together throughout life. However, life might not always go as planned, and there are a multitude of circumstances that could lead a couple to consider separating. Although divorce can be a highly emotional process, it could ultimately lead an individual to a better situation over time.

Irreconcilable differences cited in Casey Affleck divorce

The end of a marriage is a very emotional and stressful thing to experience. When two people get married in New Jersey, certain agreements are made. Marriage is a sacred bond not to be taken for granted, but people sometimes change and grow apart. As people change, the marriage has to adapt or it may be doomed to fail. Recently, a high-profile couple made headlines when they filed for divorce.