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May 2017 Archives

Divorce can be challenging regardless of time spent together

Regardless of the age of those involved, the end of a marriage can be a challenging period. When a couple in New Jersey decides to take the next step, they may fully intend on staying together throughout life. For those who divorce at a young age, there may be numerous misconceptions concerning the challenges a couple could be facing.

If a spouse remarries, can it impact a child support order?

Following a divorce, whether soon thereafter or even years later, many individuals make the decision to remarry. In some scenarios, the former spouse may be unaware or uninterested in the matter, but for those who have children, there may be some concerns. Individuals in New Jersey who are facing a similar situation may wonder how a remarriage might affect certain areas, such as the existing child support agreement.

Financial considerations for a late-life divorce in New Jersey

For individuals who are experiencing the end of a marriage late in life, one of the most significant concerns might be the impact on finances. A person in New Jersey who is nearing the age of retirement could have spent numerous years planning and saving for the occasion. When a person in this situation is facing a divorce, he or she might want to consider available options and reassess previous plans to secure the best financial future possible.

Protecting a child from the dangers of domestic violence

A child should never have to live in an abusive environment. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a serious issue that many kids have been forced to experience first hand. A parent may wish to shield his or her kids by removing them from harm's way, but may be uncertain how to achieve this goal. Courts in New Jersey and across the country consider the needs of a child to be of the utmost importance, and will take steps to ensure his or her safety.

If divorce is the outcome, guidance is often beneficial

Many couples in New Jersey often enter a marriage with the intent of staying together forever. While at the time a vast majority of individuals may truly expect this to happen, change is often the only constant. Over time, the chemistry of a relationship may change for various reasons, and a person may no longer wish to continue being married. Although the circumstances that lead to a similar situation may be innumerable, there are some signs that may indicate the possibility of divorce.