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Higher divorce rate in second marriages in New Jersey

Many individuals who have been through the difficult process of dissolving a relationship have made the decision to remarry. A person in New Jersey may believe that previous experience will help him or her be more prepared for the second marriage, but there are various factors that can take a toll on a new relationship. Recent studies indicate that second marriages have a higher divorce rate than the first.

Having experienced a serious relationship before, many individuals take less time to let a new one grow before heading to the altar. While people may have a better idea of what they want as they age, rushing a marriage can lead to unforeseen consequences down the road. If there are any unresolved emotions left over from a past relationship, these may also create a hostile environment within a marriage.

One major aspects that can put a strain on a new couple is financial concerns. Many people tend to have certain financial goals at this point in life, and if a new spouse does not share these goals, it can cause a great deal of tension between the two. A difference in ideals can make it challenging for a partnership to succeed.

Some individuals may feel that divorce will be easier the second time around. While a person may have less ties in a second marriage, the process can still be complex. If a prenuptial agreement was not properly formed beforehand, a person will once again have to negotiate the division of property, assets and debts. When facing a similar situation, a person in New Jersey often seeks the advice of a family law attorney for assistance in obtaining the best overall outcome in his or her situation.

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