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February 2017 Archives

Tips for securing a fair settlement during divorce in New Jersey

Although many people consider the end of a marriage to be a particularly stressful period, there are many areas that require attention during this time if a person wishes to avoid future complications. Emotional decisions are generally inadvisable and can impact the outcome of a divorce in unforeseen ways. There are various steps that a person in New Jersey can take that may help him or her secure a fair and equitable portion during proceedings.

Negative impact on victims of domestic violence in New Jersey

No matter the nature of the relationship, living with abuse is never the answer. Reports of domestic violence have increased across the country, prompting many to speak out against it in an attempt to help others escape an unhealthy situation. There are still a vast number of victims who continue to endure abuse, fearing that a report will have disastrous consequences. Many hope this number will decrease as more outlets of assistance become available for victims in New Jersey.

A divorce late in life may affect retirement in New Jersey

The end of a marriage can be a difficult period in a person's life. A divorce can often lead to emotional and financial struggles. The emotional part may be overcome with time, but financial hardships can be more difficult to manage. This may be especially crucial for a person who is divorcing late in life, which may have a negative result concerning retirement. Those in New Jersey who are in a similar situation consider their financial future important, and typically take steps to secure it.

New Jersey child custody: Putting kids' needs first

There are many factors that can make life difficult when facing divorce. Division of property and assets can be challenging. When children are involved, the proceedings can become significantly more complicated. Many parents facing these issues in New Jersey strive to put the needs of their children first and seek to avoid a child custody battle when possible.