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Family law: Reasons to consider a prenuptial agreement

Despite the reported levels of divorces nationwide, many New Jersey couples may believe theirs are the marriages that would last forever. Statisticians say a large percentage of first marriages end in divorce, and the rates for second and third marriages are even higher. Family law authorities suggest that couples draft prenuptial agreements -- even if it is only to provide peace of mind.

A prenuptial agreement can protect both spouse's interests in the event of a divorce or the death of one spouse. A prenup can keep assets and debts separate by specifying the investments, inheritances and property of each spouse. They can also stipulate responsibility for various debts to limit liability for debt brought into the marriage by the other spouse. Furthermore, the couple can define inheritance issues such as allocating certain assets to the children instead of a second or third spouse.

Older couples who get married and move into one spouse's home may include in the agreement the rights of the other spouse to the home if the homeowner dies or if they decide to end their marriage. This can prevent situations in which the homeowner's children try to force the other spouse from the house. At the same time, the adult children of couples who marry later in life can cause unpleasant arguments, and to prevent this, the prenup can include a clause limiting the value of gifts that may be given to children during the marriage.

Knowing what to include in a prenuptial agreement is not easy, but the assistance of an experienced New Jersey family law attorney can ease the process. An agreement that covers all issues can be drafted with the attorney's guidance. He or she can provide valuable input and ensure that no coercion or intimidation takes place.

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