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January 2017 Archives

Benefits of financial awareness for divorce in New Jersey

Few people give thought to what will happen if a marriage ends. Most couples who marry in New Jersey expect to spend the rest of their lives together, and are unprepared when things do not go as planned. Not having intricate knowledge into the process of divorce can have devastating results, often resulting in financial hardships for the future. For many people in this situation, having a plan in place for such a life-changing event can prove beneficial.

Raising awareness of domestic violence in New Jersey

A person should never have to live with abuse. Whether physical or mental, abuse can have negative long-term affects on a person's life. Unfortunately, many people feel stuck in these situations, believing that they have no way out. Raising awareness of domestic violence can go a long way in preventing future cases and helping citizens of New Jersey understand that help is available in many forms.

Family law: Reasons to consider a prenuptial agreement

Despite the reported levels of divorces nationwide, many New Jersey couples may believe theirs are the marriages that would last forever. Statisticians say a large percentage of first marriages end in divorce, and the rates for second and third marriages are even higher. Family law authorities suggest that couples draft prenuptial agreements -- even if it is only to provide peace of mind.

Divorce of Brad and Angelina offers insight into the process

The decision of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to end their marriage led to an avalanche of publicity. There were speculations about the settlement, child custody and how the riches will be divided. However, even though a celebrity break-up typically involves much more money than most New Jersey couples accumulate in their lives, a highly publicized divorce can offer valuable insight regarding this type of family law proceeding.

Domestic violence: Protection is available

When New Jersey residents are in relationships in which they fear for their safety -- and the safety of their children -- they may find comfort in knowing that there is protection available. In some cases, non-physical domestic violence continues for years, becoming violent only when the abused spouse informs the abuser of his or her intention to leave the relationship or file for a divorce. For protection against such action, the victim may apply for a restraining order.