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August 2016 Archives

When divorce tension runs high a restraining order may be sought

Ending a marriage is known to bring about tension and intense emotions. It is also not entirely uncommon for a spouse in a New Jersey divorce to show aggression that might cause the other party to feel threatened. Any person who feels unsafe during the separation period may explore the options that will provide protection for him or her and any children that might be in danger.

Divorce planning can address most financial issues in advance

When a marriage breaks up, the emotional challenges are typically overwhelming, and this may cause a person to lose sight of the important financial decisions that have to be made. A New Jersey individual who is considering ending a marriage may find it beneficial to attend to most of the financial matters before filing for divorce. It is a process that may be best navigated with the help of a seasoned divorce attorney.

New Jersey authorities planning child support crackdown

At this time of the year, before the re-opening of schools, authorities make special efforts to collect unpaid support to help custodial parents provide their kids with clothing and school supplies. Similar actions to collect unpaid child support are typically taken in New Jersey in December in anticipation of Christmas. Non-payment of court-ordered child support can make life particularly difficult for children and put additional stress on the custodial parents who may not be able to provide sufficiently on their own.

Build a relationship with a divorce attorney for a better outcome

Although it is possible to end a marriage without the help of an attorney, it may not be the best option. The process of divorce is naturally a traumatic and emotional experience, and the support and guidance of an experienced New Jersey family law attorney can ease the process considerably. With the multitude of available internet sources about divorce, it is not uncommon for people to forget that no two divorces are alike, as every family has unique issues to address.

Man disputes child support responsibility for another man's child

Every so often, reports appear in New Jersey or elsewhere about fathers having to pay support for children that are not theirs. A talk show host in another state is fighting such a battle after learning that the girl he raised and paid child support for during his marriage and after his divorce was not his child. Unfortunately, the man reportedly tried to resolve the issue on his own with no success.