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Legal counsel can help resolve child support issues

While child custody arrangements can be negotiated by the parents in a divorce, the rulings related to the support that will be necessary for the care of the child have to be made by the family court. The New Jersey Child Support Guidelines typically govern the court in determining the amount to be paid, although there may be some exceptions. Parents are allowed to negotiate child support and present a proposal to the court for its approval; however, the best interests of the child must be the primary concern in any agreements reached.

The calculation by the family court will include the income and deductions of both parents along with intended parenting time, child care costs that are work-related and more. Parents would naturally want to have an estimated amount when considering their post-divorce budgets. Fortunately, the experienced attorneys at Lane & Lane, LLC can assist with advice on which information to gather to make an estimate and to present to the court during the support hearing to ensure the right amount is received.

Parents may consider additional support related to the child's extracurricular activities, insurance coverage for health care, college expenses and more during their negotiations. Consideration can also be given to the tax-dependent status. Any such agreements that are approved by the court will be included in the final child support order and divorce decree.

As the circumstances of both parents change over time and the children grow older, it may be necessary to revisit the New Jersey Family Court. Parents have the right to periodic reviews of child support, including adjustments for cost of living. The skilled attorneys at Lane & Lane, LLC can help any parent pursue solutions for issues such as the initial setup of child support, modifications and even non-payment problems.

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