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There may be many questions when planning a divorce

Along with the personal and emotional stress associated with the end of a marriage, many financial questions may need to be answered. Proper planning is an important part of the process, and New Jersey individuals considering divorce may benefit from researching the answers in advance. Although the dynamics of each divorce is unique, some similar issues typically need consideration.

If a prenuptial agreement exists, it may be wise to consult with a divorce attorney to review the terms of the document and also confirm its enforceability. Matters related to property division that may need clarification include exactly what is regarded as marital property and how assets will be divided. The division of joint debts is another aspect that must not be left unattended, along with all matters related to the division of pensions and retirement funds.

Alimony may be an important concern, particularly in cases in which one spouse left employment to take care of the household and the children. The amount of child support that may be awarded will play a significant role in financial planning for life after divorce, and obligations for college funds must be contemplated. These are but some of the matters that must form part of the planning and budgeting for post-divorce life.

Navigating this difficult time can be extremely challenging for any person who tries to do it alone. An experienced New Jersey divorce attorney can provide answers and necessary guidance throughout the divorce proceedings. Even if it is an uncontested divorce, the support and input of a lawyer can be beneficial.

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