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June 2016 Archives

Mediation can avoid the conflict associated with divorce court

Married New Jersey couples who are considering going their separate ways will likely research the various ways in which this can be achieved. They may find that the trauma and stress typically associated with a litigated divorce can be avoided. Divorce court does not necessarily resolve underlying conflicts between the parties, and it often leaves the divorcing couple with little control over important decisions.

Equitable distribution of property in divorce can be complicated

Ending a marriage in New Jersey, as in other states, is never easy. Along with all the emotional challenges, there is the stressful process of property division. When it is a person's first time to divorce, there may be many questions and a never-ending stream of well-intended advice provided by friends and family.

Will technology be a curse or blessing in your divorce?

Ending a marriage is rarely an easy ride. Many people in New Jersey who are going through a divorce rely heavily on the support of social media friends. Receiving encouraging messages from friends may be the support a person needs to get through this difficult time. However, technology can also be a curse -- particularly if it is used for revenge.

There may be many questions when planning a divorce

Along with the personal and emotional stress associated with the end of a marriage, many financial questions may need to be answered. Proper planning is an important part of the process, and New Jersey individuals considering divorce may benefit from researching the answers in advance. Although the dynamics of each divorce is unique, some similar issues typically need consideration.