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Is a parenting marriage better than a divorce?

Since Gwyneth Paltrow announced the conscious uncoupling of her marriage with Chris Martin, divorcing couples have become much more aware of the need to go their separate ways in manners that would cause the minimum trauma for their children. Divorce through mediation or collaboration has become the choice of many couples in New Jersey. Divorce options that allow shared parenting have become a norm for modern parents in divorces.

A couple in another state announced yet another method of uncoupling because the romance has disappeared from their marriage. They apparently chose not to divorce but rather continue an amicable relationship without any romantic expectations, and they call it a parenting marriage. Although this may work for this couple, such an arrangement may not necessarily be in the best interests of the children.

A parenting marriage is supposed to allow parents to work out matters of contention and focus only on their children's needs. Although this may be a less emotional and less expensive manner in which to uncouple, a parenting marriage would leave spouses free to date other partners, which can send all the wrong messages to their children. Being exposed to a loveless relationship between parents may do more harm to children than a divorce.

A New Jersey parent who is considering a divorce may have many questions about the pros and cons of the various divorce options. Such important decisions can only be taken when a person is fully informed, and information can be obtained from an experienced family law attorney. After assessing the unique circumstances of a client and his or her family, a lawyer can explain the options and suggest a way forward. There are manners in which parents can be uncoupled without destroying parent-child relationships.

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