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August 2015 Archives

Facebook used as a tool in child custody case

Dealing with divorce is challenging in itself, but often there is more at stake than just a dwindling relationship. A child custody battle adds to the trials of separation, and sometimes it is challenging to determine which parent should gain custody. New Jersey citizens may be interested in the recent custody battle in another state where a judge has allowed a Facebook profile to be used in the case as evidence.

Same-sex couple wants birth certificate family law issues decided

Recently in the United States there have been some changes in family law in regards to rights for same-sex couples. The Supreme Court ruled that states cannot deny marriage rights to same-sex couples and that states must recognize the union. But is that equality in all rights of marriage that citizens have come to expect for opposite-sex couples? New Jersey residents may be interested in these types of family law issues. For example, one issue concerns a same-sex couple's fight in another state to have both parents names on their children's birth certificates.

Mother's life-threatening mistake, child custody at stake

There are many factors to consider when it comes to who gets custody of a child. A parent might be a great mom or dad in some aspects, but lacking or even dangerous for the child or children in other aspects. One parent might consider the other parent a threat or danger to the child. A recent rescue of a child locked in a vehicle in a New Jersey parking lot on a hot and muggy day suggests that the mother might be unfit for child custody.

Child support in New Jersey may be changing

Sometimes, paying child support feels like a lifelong endeavor with various agreements within the court system as to when the support will end. However, there are three lawmakers in New Jersey who are attempting to pass a law that will clearly define at what age child support should legally end. At this time, the ending date is open and can change depending on the specific circumstances of each case.