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New Jersey residents watch as DMX arrested for back child support

Rapper DMX, or Earl Simmons, was arrested in another state on Friday night. This time, the hardcore hip-hop star was arrested and brought before the judge following his failure to pay court-mandated child support outside of Radio City Music Hall just before he was to appear in a concert with The Lox and Shabba Ranks. Although the arrest took place in another state, New Jersey fans may be interested in the details surrounding this case.

This arrest was from a warrant issued by a family court in Erie County for an alleged failure to pay $400,000 in back child support. Although the rapper had an open container of alcohol when he was arrested, the charge for drinking in public was dismissed Saturday at the court hearing. DMX managed to come up with $25,000 to post for bail; however, as soon as he was released, he was rearrested on a warrant in Westchester County. That warrant was for bail jumping. The rapper has been in jail previously on charges such as animal cruelty, drug possession and reckless driving.

During the same time period, authorities in Newark dropped charges against the rapper for robbery. This incident allegedly took place at a Newark gas station. However, the victim was unable to identify the suspect.

New Jersey residents who are facing back child support payments may wish to speak to an attorney to try to work out a child support modification that better suits his or her present circumstances. Also, those who are depending on child support payments that are not being paid may wish to get help with a court appearance to force the court ordered payments to be made or garnished from the payer's account. Each party should have his or her own attorney so that both sides are adequately represented.

Source:, "Rapper DMX posts bail after getting nabbed for failing to pay $400,000 in child support", Daniel Lewis, Thomas Tracy, June 27, 2015

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