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Custodial issues in New Jersey could get better

New Jersey parents who are considering divorce may be interested to know that there are some states that are revising the old adage that the mother is always the best caregiver. Custodial issues are an emotional topic and each parent often feels that he or she is the better caregiver. Traditionally, one parent has been given legal custody of the children while the other parent pays child support and sees his or her children only on weekends.

The horizon is changing, though, and that is becoming the way of the past. There is legislation in some states that will support a family court judge considering joint custody of the children from the beginning of the divorce process. However, even if this legislation is enacted, a judge must consider the best interests of the children, especially if one parent is deemed unfit.

Typically, both parents want custody of their children and, in the past, it has been more difficult to get the courts to comply. However, with the new legislation, there could be more parents who equally share their time with their children. Parents may benefit as much as the children from this type of arrangement.

Parents who wish to file for joint custody at the end of a marriage may seek counsel from a family law attorney who can help with the process. New Jersey attorneys who understand how the laws in family court concerning custodial issues work can help establish a precedent for joint custody. However, the interests of the children should always come first.

Source:, "Joint custody bill gets mixed reviews on Beacon Hill", Christian M. Wade, March 26, 2015

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