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New Jersey committee hopes to help victims of domestic violence

Chief Justice Rabner of the New Jersey State Supreme Court has put together a committee to take a closer look at domestic violence in the state. This committee consists of senators, members of the state assembly, lawyers, prosecutors and other professionals who deal with the issue of domestic violence on a daily basis. Part of the committee's goal is to determine which laws and court procedures are working best and to set a plan of action for the entire state.

The committee will scrutinize the way that domestic violence is handled by the state. Committee members will do this by looking for ways the courts can better serve the victims. They want to take what they find and create new policies so that court decisions are consistent across the state, thus, preventing variances from one court system to another.

In 2011, there were 70,311 reports of domestic violence in New Jersey. Forty of those victims were murdered during the acts of domestic violence. Of the 70,311 cases reported, 76 percent of the victims were women. However, there are children and men who are victims of domestic violence as well.

Unfortunately, there are a high number of cases that go unreported, which is another issue the committee hopes to address. In fact, victims' advocates are dedicated to fighting the injustices many New Jersey residents face, and this committee is seen as a way to get a jump start on that fight. Regardless of the committee's findings, residents of New Jersey who are currently living with domestic violence have access to assistance. An experienced family law attorney can help victims escape their situations using the legal channels that are currently available.

Source:, "NJ domestic violence committee discusses goals", Kevin McArdle, March 4, 2015

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