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New Jersey child custody violation lands father in jail

Custody issues can be a point of great contention between New Jersey parents. When one parent does not agree with the arrangement set by the court, he or she may try to illegally enforce an arrangement more to his or her liking. However, when a parent makes a decision that goes against a court-ordered child custody arrangement, he or she may end up spending time in jail for violating the terms of the agreement.

A recent case in which two New Jersey boys were taken unlawfully out of the state illustrates this fact. Their father had taken the boys for what was supposed to be a scheduled visitation, but he left the state with them with no word as to their whereabouts. The mother then reported to police that they were missing.

The month-long hunt for the boys ended in Florida where police found the two boys with their father in a hotel. The boys were transferred to the care of child protective services, and the father was arrested. He now faces charges for unlawful flight and custody interference.

When a parent believes that a child custody agreement is unfair, he or she should seek to obtain a modification from a New Jersey family court instead of taking the law into his or her own hands. Parents who wish to obtain modifications to court-ordered agreements may benefit from seeking the assistance of experienced family law attorneys. Family law professionals can explain the process for seeking child custody modifications and assist parents throughout that process. 

Source:, "Official: 2 New Jersey boys taken by father found in Florida", March 19, 2015

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