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March 2015 Archives

Man paying child support for child that isn't his seeking justice

Child support laws are written to represent the best interests of children. However, there are times when the law requires that a man pay child support even if the child is proved to not be his. New Jersey fathers who are being required to pay child support for children who do not belong to them may sympathize with an out-of-state man who is in a similar situation.

New Jersey child custody violation lands father in jail

Custody issues can be a point of great contention between New Jersey parents. When one parent does not agree with the arrangement set by the court, he or she may try to illegally enforce an arrangement more to his or her liking. However, when a parent makes a decision that goes against a court-ordered child custody arrangement, he or she may end up spending time in jail for violating the terms of the agreement.

Children's schools should be given child custody documentation

Divorced parents often do not agree with custody arrangements issued by the courts. However, when a New Jersey court issues a decision on a custody agreement, all parties must abide by that agreement in all areas of the child's life. For example, child custody orders should be given to a child's school so that the administration can ensure that a child is only released to authorized individuals.

New Jersey committee hopes to help victims of domestic violence

Chief Justice Rabner of the New Jersey State Supreme Court has put together a committee to take a closer look at domestic violence in the state. This committee consists of senators, members of the state assembly, lawyers, prosecutors and other professionals who deal with the issue of domestic violence on a daily basis. Part of the committee's goal is to determine which laws and court procedures are working best and to set a plan of action for the entire state.

Pending legislation may help New Jersey domestic violence victims

Victims of domestic violence come in many shapes and sizes. In fact, victims can be men, women or even children. The state of New Jersey is trying to push through new legislation that will help to protect victims of domestic violence from homicide by firearm.