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New Jersey couples may want to prepare for divorce beforehand

The decision to seek a divorce can be an instantaneous reaction to a significant event, or it can be a slow process that unfolds over time. For some, contemplating divorce and planning a post-marriage existence can take years. Anyone in New Jersey on the verge of filing for divorce may want to think beyond the dissolution of the marriage and do what can be done to prepare for a future as unmarried individuals.

One step that each party should take as soon as divorce is an option is to evaluate debt. Any shared debt will still be shared debt after divorce. Focusing on paying debts while there may be two incomes can help the less-indebted partner move forward afterward without the debt of an over-spending spouse hanging over head.

Also, no one should rely on alimony alone. It is best to get a real assessment of what it may cost to live alone, and then work to make that happen without factoring in alimony. When weighing income and living expenses, it will be necessary to factor in the cost of keeping a house complete with a mortgage, taxes and the unpredictable cost of upkeep if one spouse is adamant about staying in the home.

The divorce process may be highly emotional and personal. However, it is also largely logistical and financial. It is important for New Jersey couples or soon-to-be ex-spouses to be able to focus on the reality of the effects of divorce on lifestyle and living arrangements. A legal professional may be able to provide clear-headed advice and options that may be difficult to think of alone as the process unfolds.

Source:, "7 Things You Should Do NOW if Divorce Is Even a Remote Possibility", Adriana Velez, Jan. 9, 2015

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