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November 2014 Archives

Man faces felony charges after avoidance of child support

Whenever an unmarried couple has a child or a couple decides to split after the birth of a child and the courts determine a set amount for child support, not paying that amount can lead to serious legal consequences. Yet, there are certain circumstances that can validate reasons a person may say they are unable to pay that child support obligation. Anyone in New Jersey who is behind in support or struggling to get back child support payments may be interested in the story of one man and his reasoning for not paying back due support.

New Jersey child custody can be about more than who lives where

When parents split up and sit down to decide the details of a parenting plan, they may find that there is a lot more to child custody decisions than where a child or children will sleep at night. Child custody issues for New Jersey families can encompass a wide range of problems and decisions that couples may not even consider until they are well into the process. Even after the process is over, a child custody agreement may still need to be revisited as needs change.

Keeping the house after divorce may be complicated in New Jersey

Once a couple decides to divorce, they may realize that the process is more complex than they originally suspected, especially if they have valuable assets or massive debt. The division of assets and debt can prove complicated and even expensive as valuations must be made and loans must be refinanced. New Jersey couples who are considering divorce may want to investigate their options for the division of their property and assets before beginning the divorce process.

Holidays can present parenting time issues for families

When parents get divorced and agree to a parenting plan, the basic ideas about who gets the kids when are generally outlined and agreed upon. However, the upcoming holidays can throw a wrench in any parent's parenting time and schedule. While it can be difficult to work out the details, New Jersey parents can utilize a few tips to make the issue of parenting time a non-issue during the holidays.