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How child custody can truly benefit the child

Filing for divorce may come with additional hurdles for couples who have children. In some cases, divorces where child custody must be determined can result in high-stress situations and more contentious divorce procedures. One thing that New Jersey parents may want to consider as they proceed with divorce is the emotional need that their children have to connect with both of their parents.

What many parents fail to see as they fight for the custody of their children is the general need for children to be allowed to have ready access to both parents. Even with married parents, children need a measure of stability. Post-divorce parents should consider that children need that ability to connect with both parents in order to maintain a level of stability in their parent-child relationship.

According to a recent study on divorced children, children who had their mother as the custodial parent often reported that their fathers wished for more time, but their mother did not favor that option. This often is not in the best interest of the child, but rather a means to alienate one parent from the child. As both parents are important to a child's overall development, it is important that parents remember that the best interest of a child will have to trump the personal opinion one parent may have of the other.

New Jersey parents need to take into consideration what the needs of their children are as they consider divorce. In situations where the child's safety is at risk, be it emotionally, physically or psychologically, the child's well-being is most important. In situations where the child's safety is not in question, child custody should be decided and maintained so that the child has access to both parents with as little interference in each relationship as possible.

Source: News OK, "Children of divorce want 'open access' to both mom and dad, studies show", Lois M. Collins, Oct. 9, 2014

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