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New program regarding divorce could spread to New Jersey

Divorce can often be a very difficult process that can take a large amount of time to be completed. This extended period of time can make the divorce even harder for those involved because of the constant reminders of the occurrence. This can leave New Jersey couples with emotional pain and scars that could have been avoided if the process took a shorter period of time. However, one court system is now offering a service that could drastically shorten the time it takes to finalize a divorce.

One court system on the West Coast is now offering couples a one-day divorce. The day involves filing and serving the petition, meeting with a family law expert to go over the plan and the individuals signing the final papers. They can then appear in court the same day and, if the judge signs the papers, the couple can walk away unmarried.

However, this program is only for so called clean, simple divorces. The truth is that there are very few divorces without any issue or disputes present. Although some couples keep the divorce process amicable, this is mostly achieved with the help of mediators whose services are readily available. By optimizing such services, all disputes could be settled before litigation and long court procedures will be eliminated.

New Jersey couples who are contemplating divorce may benefit from considering future problems that may arise and may not be addressed in such quick divorces. Couples may have a better understanding of the legal processes relative to a divorce by obtaining the necessary knowledge. By using the available guidance, couples may be able to get through a divorce with a minimum of stress and anxiety.

Source: NBC San Diego, San Diego Superior Court to Offer 'One Day Divorce' Option, Monica Garske, March 1, 2014

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