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Divorce in New Jersey may change because of possible alimony laws

The final agreement at the end of a divorce does not always leave both parties happy or content. Often, one individual feels like the agreement is unfair in some way and isn't happy with the final decision. In New Jersey, many individuals who have been involved in a divorce think that alimony is particularly unfair for the individual who must pay. These opinions are being voiced very loudly as many are demanding reformation of the clauses that include alimony.

In some cases, the alimony that must be paid is considered permanent alimony, which means that the alimony must be paid for an indefinite amount of time but is subject to change. The problem is that if drastic changes occur in the lives of those involved, changing the alimony can be very difficult. This has led to some New Jersey residents attempting to get some of these laws changed.

Multiple proposals are now being reviewed by New Jersey lawmakers, but one of the new proposals aims to put strict limits on the amount that can be paid. This would favor the person paying the alimony instead of the other individual -- as the current law tends to do. A more reasonable law would put more guidelines in place to make the payment of alimony more fair for everyone involved.

Unfortunately, even if these revisions are made, divorce may continue to be a difficult process for many. Oftentimes, divorce can take a longer amount of time than is necessary. However, if the right actions are taken by the individuals involved, divorce can be a new start instead of just an end.

Source: nj.com, A fair approach to alimony: Editorial, No author, March 24, 2014

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