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Putting off divorce could be detrimental for New Jersey couples

Occasionally a couple that is legally married will separate, end up living in two houses and have no intention of ever filing for a divorce. This situation happens over a period of time, and it does occur in the state of New Jersey as well as the rest of America. Though many couples think that this is a safer route than splitting everything up and applying for a divorce, the opposite may actually be true.

There are a few reasons from a legal point of view why it may be safer for a couple to legally separate instead of living in two different houses. The first reason is that, when a couple is living apart but still sharing finances, it is the perfect opportunity for one of the individuals to hide assets before the divorce papers are filed. Another reason is that one of the people could move out of state; if this occurs, it is almost impossible to file the papers if the individual decides not to cooperate. The final legal reason is that alimony laws in the state could change before the divorce is even filed. This could hurt one or both of the people involved financially.

There are also a few reasons from the social aspect of the divorce. The first is that one of the parties involved could meet someone else, which could result in complications since the individual is still bound by marriage. The second reason is that communication between the two people could fail, which could make an inevitable divorce more chaotic. The third reason is that, once a divorce is final, both parties can finally get on with their lives.

Though a divorce may seem like a painful decision for some New Jersey spouses, it could be less painful than running into any of the previously mentioned complications. The sooner a divorce is final, the sooner neither party has to worry about any issues relating to it. Acting quickly and professionally could allow for a divorce to be as clean and painless as possible.

Source: Forbes, Putting Off Divorce? Ten Ways Long-term Separations Can Do Women More Harm Than Good, Jeff Landers, Oct. 3, 2013

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