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July 2013 Archives

New Jersey parents can be flexible on child support payments

Many New Jersey readers would agree that going through a divorce can be an overwhelming process. In situations where children are involved, the subject of child custody and child support may become part of the discussion. Either parent may end up the one who keeps the children a majority of the time, however, it's important for New Jersey parents to work together as a team and be flexible with each other. Events can occur in either parent's life that causes circumstances to change.

Can litigation lending help cover costs of a divorce?

New Jersey residents may have heard media coverage of a company that seeks to ease the divorce process for certain high-asset clients. BBL Churchill has identified a niche market in the lending world, and is positioned to fill that void with a specialized form of litigation lending. Those who are approaching a divorce filing but unsure how to cover their legal expenses may want to read further to see if this form of lending may offer a solution.

A postnuptial agreement can help protect against divorce losses

Many New Jersey spouses look back at the whirlwind of wedding preparations that consumes the weeks and months leading up to the event and wish that they had made the time to address financial concerns before tying the knot. While once primarily the domain of the rich and famous, prenuptial agreements are now considered to be savvy insurance against the risk of divorce by couples across the socioeconomic scale. The financial benefits associated with a prenup are widely acknowledged, and the topic is no longer taboo between engaged couples.

Divorce doesn't mean not having fun in New Jersey this summer

New Jersey is a state with many options for fun summer activities. There are numerous possibilities for fun outdoors, in one's community or even in one's own household. Even for parents who are seeking a divorce, the summer can still be a fun time for one's children. Divorce can be stressful for all who are involved, but there are many activities a parent can do, with and without the other parent, to ensure that the children have a wonderful summer.

New Jersey parents can use civility in dividing parenting time

One of the most common concerns New Jersey couples face when planning a divorce is the impact a split will have on their children. Recently, a news report highlighted the importance of maintaining civility in co-parenting. It is inevitable that children will feel some impact from a divorce, especially when transitions take place surrounding parenting time. However, when parents choose to execute the process of divorce while putting children first, those effects can be minimal.