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June 2013 Archives

Billionaire Harold Hamm is getting a divorce without a prenup

There may be people in New Jersey who would be shocked that a billionaire doesn't have a prenuptial agreement. As it turns out, Harold Hamm, who made his money in the oil business, never signed a prenuptial agreement with his wife. Now that they are getting a divorce, he is going to have to share his fortune of somewhere in the neighborhood of $11 billion.

How to make your divorce fast, easy and cheap

Virtually every New Jersey couple that has decided to end their marriage would like to do so in a manner that is as fast, easy and inexpensive as possible. However, in many cases the parties are not sure how to do so, and make mistakes that cost additional time and money. The following tips offer a few approaches that can greatly reduce the cost, timeframe and stress level of a divorce.

Prenuptial agreement can greatly aid in second divorce

When a New Jersey resident is considering a second or subsequent marriage, the issues before him or her are different than those faced the first time around. In many cases, people who are tying the knot a second time have far more assets than they did when they entered their first marriage. In addition, when one or both partners have children from a previous union, there is a need to protect assets that should be passed to those children. While no one enters into a marriage already planning for a divorce, taking the time to create a fair and reasonable prenuptial agreement is a savvy move, even if the document is never needed.