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May 2013 Archives

New Jersey divorce: Alimony isn't just for women anymore

Decades ago it was a foregone conclusion that the wife would stay home with the children and take care of the house while the husband went to work to earn the money. If a couple got a divorce, it was the man who paid alimony to his wife since she stayed at home. New Jersey couples understand that nowadays, it's not so cut and dry.

Staying in control of finances after divorce

Divorce can prove to be a hard and trying time in the lives of those involved. New Jersey residents and others may be familiar with the challenging effects of divorce. Besides divorce being a mental and emotional strain, it can also cause a financial strain as well. The strain can be eased by taking measures to maintain control of pre and post-divorce finances.

New Jersey man arrested for failing to pay child support

Receiving child support can be critical for the parent providing primary care for the children. With the changing economy and the rising costs, caring for a child is more expensive than ever. Most custodial parents depend on the child support they have been awarded to provide basic needs for their children. Recently, a New Jersey man who was arrested for DWI after crashing his motorcycle was also found to owe close to $3,800 in child support.

Who gets the frequent flier bonus miles in a divorce?

When it comes to marital property many people may not realize that it includes everything earned or acquired by either spouse during the marriage. This covers several areas not normally considered, including a spouse's accumulated frequent flier miles. These would be included as marital assets subject to division under the divorce laws of New Jersey and most if not all other states.