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New Jersey man jailed, unable to pay alimony after divorce

Alimony in the state of New Jersey is a vexing subject for many people required to pay it. One man has been jailed for almost two months because he cannot afford to pay his court-ordered alimony. The man has been charged for 'non-support.' He sought a divorce from his wife last year and was forced to begin paying her the sum of $2,000 per week in alimony.

The total projected alimony per year was over $100,000, but he was also required to pay her over $3,000 a month in child support. However, what is strange about the case is this man reportedly only brought home about $90,000 in annual income. The highest income he reported while married was only $147,000 before taxes. Most years the man averaged anywhere from $90,000 to $120,000. In addition the man is still trying to pay his legal fees from the divorce.

The alimony saga also appears to have cost this man his job due to his being jailed. Although critics of the antiquated alimony system are seeking change, so far there has been no successful progress to change the policy. Earlier in the year, bills were introduced that would have amended current law to allow courts to modify both alimony and child support if someone could prove that their circumstances had changed. Whether someone lost a job or became disabled, the new legislation would have given the courts authority to modify the arrangements. However, those bills did not pass and no action has been taken since.

Current alimony laws were written when the majority of women in the state did not work outside of the home and could not support themselves if a divorce occurred. Couples are required to go to court if they want to see an awarded alimony order modified. Going through a divorce is never easy, but alimony of this nature can financially cripple someone. It may be in the best interests of a New Jersey resident to seek knowledgeable assistance if they find themselves on the wrong end of such an overwhelming sum of alimony.

Source:, "Man sits in jail while unable to pay alimony that exceeds his income," Lillian Shupe, Dec. 7, 2012

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