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New Jersey family law: Modern Family actress removed from home

New Jersey fans of the show 'Modern Family' may already be following the story of young Ariel Winter. The actress has been embroiled in a family law dispute that resulted in her mother losing custody of her daughter and losing control of the girl's acting career for the foreseeable future. The family has since agreed to seek counseling, but the matter is still far from over.

The actress' mother has been accused of physical and emotional abuse. Her mother has denied those claims, but guardianship was still temporarily awarded to Ariel's adult sister. Her father has been granted temporary control of her finances, but all parties involved will be required to seek counseling in order to try to repair their family. In addition, the settlement states that 'fundamental changes' will need to be made if they hope to continue raising their daughter. Both parents are aware there is a possibility their daughter will not be returned to them.

Child Protective Services has also been involved in the family law case, and while they did not find conclusive evidence of physical abuse in the home, they did find evidence that emotional abuse had occurred. The actress' sister reportedly received the same treatment by their mother when she was younger, and she was removed from the home as well.

Family law matters can be a difficult situation for everyone, but the children involved tend to suffer the most. New Jersey families in a similar situation can often seek the assistance of the courts. It may be in their best interests to understand their rights within the court system, so they can better navigate the sometimes complicated process of family law.

Source: New Jersey Herald, "'Modern Family' star's mom cut out of showbiz," Anthony McCartney, Dec. 12, 2012

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