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Farmville assets can be worth a look during a New Jersey divorce

Although Facebook and iTunes are common factors in everyday life now, New Jersey couples going through a divorce may not think about them when coming to a property division settlement. Although it may seem small, some virtual assets have the possibility of turning into cash and may be worth a second look during a divorce. Something like Farmville could net someone a hefty profit if played right.

When the majority of couples split up, they think about how to divvy up the furniture, cars, pictures and even the home. Although it can extend to electronic devices such as iPods and the like, what about Flickr, Twitter or iTunes accounts? It helps if the assets were kept separately.

For couples who have merged everything, the situation could become a little harder to sort out. In addition, virtual assets are becoming a thorn of contention in some divorce cases. In games like Farmville or Second Life, people spend real money to purchase virtual assets or features. However, those virtual assets can actually be sold and converted back to cash, sometimes at a profit. They could also be considered joint property during a divorce proceeding.

Who would have thought something like Farmville could turn a real profit? Probably not many, but the truth is that some people have made an annual income solely off of these assets. One man was making about $200,000 per year just by buying and selling virtual goods. Such an income may make New Jersey couples going through a divorce include these assets in the property division settlement. At minimum, they are definitely worth a second look.

Source: Mashable Lifestyle, "Digital Divorce: Who Gets Which Accounts in the Split?" Margaret Rock, Oct. 10, 2012

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