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Artist owes nearly $30K in unpaid child support

Most parents want whatever is best for their children, even if they are no longer in a relationship with the other parent. In certain circumstances, that can mean one parent making child support payments to the other so that their shared children receive the proper care. In New Jersey, some parents may have difficulty making those payments, depending on their exact financial circumstances. There are parents who often fail to honor court-ordered child support agreements, and it can have serious consequences on a child and his or her other parent. This is what one out-of-state attorney general argued when it compelled a famous artist to pay the full amount of past-due child support payments he owed.

Federal workers may face child support enforcement actions

For those New Jersey parents who are coming out of the recent government shutdown, making good on outstanding financial obligations is a central focus. In some cases, expenses were accrued during the shutdown that must now be covered, which can throw a budget out of balance. For federal workers who fell behind on child support during the shutdown, fears of enforcement action may be weighing heavily on their minds. 

Will my child custody agreement stop my out-of-state move?

Whether for work, family or more personal reasons, leaving New Jersey and moving to a new state is sometimes a necessary part of life. While this can be complicated enough, throwing in a divorce and child custody agreement can make things absolutely confusing. Will you be allowed to bring your child with you, or will they have to stay with your ex? That all depends on a variety of factors. 

Filing a motion for modification to child support payments

There are many parents in New Jersey and elsewhere who make monthly payments to another party to provide financial support for their children. However, over time, one's circumstances could change, which may in turn impact one's ability to keep up with child support payments. Those who struggle to meet this financial obligation may benefit from knowing the scenarios in which they may be eligible to request a modification to the original arrangement.

Some reasons for seeking child support modification in New Jersey

Life changes. Children get older and divorced New Jersey parents who make child support payments may find that changes in their children's circumstances or their own circumstances, may call for child support modification. A change in child support can either be short or long term. But the one thing the court will ask to see is proof that there needs to be some adjustment made.

Understanding the proper uses of child support payments

Upon making the decision to dissolve a marriage, parents in New Jersey may consider it imperative to provide their kids with the necessary financial support to meet all their needs. However, reaching an agreement regarding child support payments could prove challenging at times, as this can be a highly contestable topic. Prior to entering divorce proceedings, a parent could find it beneficial to speak with a family law attorney for guidance on the proper uses of child support payments.

If a spouse remarries, can it impact a child support order?

Following a divorce, whether soon thereafter or even years later, many individuals make the decision to remarry. In some scenarios, the former spouse may be unaware or uninterested in the matter, but for those who have children, there may be some concerns. Individuals in New Jersey who are facing a similar situation may wonder how a remarriage might affect certain areas, such as the existing child support agreement.

Determination and proper uses of child support in New Jersey

Going through a divorce may be one of the most stressful and challenging life events an individual will ever have to experience. There are usually several key areas to cover during this process, most of which will likely have a significant impact on the future. When there are kids involved, parents in New Jersey generally consider it imperative to reach an agreement for child support that will ensure their children are provided for throughout the process of growing up.

Child support for joint custody is unique to each family

After a divorce, parents will no longer be spouses, but they will always remain parents. Many couples choose to have joint custody after a divorce to ensure both parents maintain a loving relationship with their children. However, the calculation of child support obligations may be complicated. In New Jersey, child support is calculated as shared parenting when the children spend more than 28 percent or 105 nights with one parent.

New Jersey authorities planning child support crackdown

At this time of the year, before the re-opening of schools, authorities make special efforts to collect unpaid support to help custodial parents provide their kids with clothing and school supplies. Similar actions to collect unpaid child support are typically taken in New Jersey in December in anticipation of Christmas. Non-payment of court-ordered child support can make life particularly difficult for children and put additional stress on the custodial parents who may not be able to provide sufficiently on their own.