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Steps to take once a divorce decree is obtained

Dissolving a marriage can be a stressful and emotional process that could have a substantial impact on the lives of everyone involved. Seeking guidance in what to expect from and how to prepare for divorce proceedings may help a person in New Jersey better prepare to pursue the best outcome achievable during legal proceedings. However, the process might not end once a divorce is finalized, as there may still be steps to take even after a divorce decree is obtained.

Although a divorce decree may depict the manner in which assets will be divided, one may still need to take steps to retitle assets and update account information. With assets such as a home, one might need to obtain a quitclaim deed to change the information on the title of this asset. Since assets such as joint bank accounts typically remain under both names, it may be advisable to close them and open new accounts.

Retirement accounts can be somewhat more complex, and in accounts other than an IRA, obtaining a Qualified Domestic Relations Order may be necessary to divide the assets within. When updating information on existing accounts and estate plans, it may be necessary to review beneficiary information and makes changes where necessary. It may also be advisable to consider changing any passwords to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to digital information.

Taking the necessary steps once a divorce is finalized could prove imperative to protecting one's financial future. However, with a multitude of topics to address, it can also be an intimidating process. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can assist a person in New Jersey in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible during divorce proceedings and provide him or her with guidance on the steps to take once the divorce is finalized.

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