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Considerations when seeking to modify a child custody agreement

Many individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere have experienced a change in circumstances at some point in life. This could occur in a variety of areas, such as employment, which can spark a need for relocation. For parents who have an existing child custody agreement in place, a similar change in life could prompt a need to revisit the original order and request a modification.

There are numerous circumstances that can create a need for modifications to a custody agreement. A change in circumstances could force a parent to relocate, and depending on the distance, such a move can disrupt the current visitation schedule. When seeking a change in the parenting schedule due to relocation, certain factors may influence the process, such as the motivation behind the move and how a modification could impact the child's life.

A parent may also wish to pursue a change in the parenting plan if there are concerns for the child's safety or if the change would otherwise be in his or her best interests. A need for modification may also arise when one parent continually violates or ignores the previous arrangement. While parents may be able to reach a new agreement under necessary circumstances through negotiation, in some cases, such matters can be highly debated.

Seeking a modification to an existing child custody agreement can be complex, and obtaining guidance in navigating the process could be advisable. When facing a similar situation, an individual could speak with a family law attorney for guidance early on. An attorney in New Jersey can evaluate the change in circumstances and assist a client in pursuing the necessary modifications through the proper channels.

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