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Family law: The many challenges of combining 2 families

Remarriage is typically a challenge for parents. When both parties have children from a previous marriage, the assistance of New Jersey family law professionals may help to smooth the process. In first marriages, newlyweds typically have months -- or sometimes years -- to settle into the marriage before they have children. Even when they start a family, they can get used to parenting one child at a time. With bringing together the several children of two families, parents may be consumed with the needs of the kids and leave themselves no time to settle into the new circumstances.

Before taking the big step, those intending to get into a marriage that combines two existing families may want to consider a few key issues. Living and financial arrangements are important issues to resolve before getting married. Some such couples choose not to live in the residence of either party, but rather to move into a new place that they can regard as theirs. When it comes to finances, they must decide whether to put their money together or to keep separate accounts -- bearing in mind that each spouse may have financial obligations related to the previous marriages.

Both spouses may have unresolved feelings and emotions about the previous marriage to work through before committing to a new marriage. Different parenting methods can lead to problems if each spouse does not have a clear role to play. Children may also be resentful toward the new parent, and the manner in which these issues are handled may determine the happiness of all concerned.

Fortunately, help is available. An experienced New Jersey family law attorney can assist with the drafting of a prenuptial contract that can address these issues. Furthermore, a seasoned lawyer may also have additional resources to bring in for guidance, such as family mediators and professional advisors that can help with financial and child-related matters. With the support of the appropriate professionals, the combination of two families may be less challenging than anticipated.

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