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December 2016 Archives

Even uncontested divorce can be complicated

Once a New Jersey couple has decided to end their marriage, it is normal for both spouses to want the process over as soon as possible. Some are so desperate to end the marriage that they are quite prepared to let the other spouse take all -- especially if there are no children. However, such impulsive decisions can bring regret later. An uncontested divorce filing is the quickest way to get a divorce and still get a fair share of the property.

The value of legal guidance during the adoption of a child

Building a family is an exciting time for New Jersey families, but being biological parents is not possible for all. When adoption is considered, potential parents may have many questions about the legal proceedings that will follow. While it is feasible to handle an adoption without legal help, securing the services of an experienced attorney makes the most sense.

Family law: The many challenges of combining 2 families

Remarriage is typically a challenge for parents. When both parties have children from a previous marriage, the assistance of New Jersey family law professionals may help to smooth the process. In first marriages, newlyweds typically have months -- or sometimes years -- to settle into the marriage before they have children. Even when they start a family, they can get used to parenting one child at a time. With bringing together the several children of two families, parents may be consumed with the needs of the kids and leave themselves no time to settle into the new circumstances.

Divorce: Mid-life change of marital status brings many challenges

While most people in New Jersey likely expect their lives to calm down as they reach middle age, life's twists and turns often bring more challenges. The number of couples filing for divorce when they are older has reportedly shown a significant increase. A change in marital status can have an adverse impact on the financial stability of one or both spouses.