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When divorce tension runs high a restraining order may be sought

Ending a marriage is known to bring about tension and intense emotions. It is also not entirely uncommon for a spouse in a New Jersey divorce to show aggression that might cause the other party to feel threatened. Any person who feels unsafe during the separation period may explore the options that will provide protection for him or her and any children that might be in danger.

By showing evidence of a potential threat, a person can obtain a restraining order. These are typically issued according to the level and type of risk. It may be an emergency, temporary or permanent order. A protective or restraining order will stipulate what the defendant can and cannot do, and violating any of the specifications may have legal ramifications.

Such orders typically forbid the defendant to make any contact with the plaintiff -- including texting, emails or phone calls. Contact with any member of the plaintiffs family and children may be forbidden. If the couple is not separated yet, one party may be ordered to move out of the family home -- depending on who the owner is. Temporary custody of minor children might be awarded to the threatened parent. Of course, there are always exceptions, and each restraining order can be tailored to fit the circumstances and the threat.

New Jersey spouses who feel threatened should not delay but rather reach out to an experienced divorce attorney who can take the necessary actions to protect a client and his or her children. A lawyer can also provide guidance and support throughout the other aspects of a divorce. These may include child custody, parenting time, property division and financial support.

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