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Different divorce options to suit different situations

With so many divorce options available, it is unfortunate that many couples nationwide, including in New Jersey, still choose not to try to resolve their relationship issues in amicable manners. Many contested divorces are painful and messy, and the subsequent emotional scars can last a lifetime. Furthermore, it can take months or even years to finalize a divorce, and it can cost substantial amounts of money.

In a litigated divorce, both parties hire separate attorneys, each fighting to get the very best for their clients. It is not uncommon for child custody, financial settlements, property division and other issues to turn into bitter battles. In contrast, couples who can sit down and work out the manner in which their assets will be divided, how they will handle child custody and parenting plans, and more can hire a mutual lawyer to draw up a legal divorce agreement and present it to the court in an uncontested divorce.

For couples who realize that an uncontested divorce may be best for all, but who still find it difficult to agree on some contentious issues. may find comfort in knowing that there is a non-contentious option. With the help of a specially trained divorce mediator, a couple can peacefully and confidentially negotiate all the difficult issues. The mediator will encourage communication and facilitate compromise when necessary. However, even if the mediator is also an attorney, he or she may not provide legal advice.

Each party may have a divorce attorney present during mediation to provide valuable advice and input based on his or her experience. The attorneys will make sure that their respective clients are treated fairly during negotiations. Once agreements are reached, the lawyers can make sure the final document complies with state and federal legal requirements before presenting it to the New Jersey family court. 

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