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Mediation can avoid the conflict associated with divorce court

Married New Jersey couples who are considering going their separate ways will likely research the various ways in which this can be achieved. They may find that the trauma and stress typically associated with a litigated divorce can be avoided. Divorce court does not necessarily resolve underlying conflicts between the parties, and it often leaves the divorcing couple with little control over important decisions.

Litigating a divorce in court often spawns behaviors that heighten conflict and may cause a lifetime of bad feelings in the quest to be the pronounced the winner. At the end of it all, there may be so much animosity that co-parenting may be impossible. Divorce mediators, on the other hand, can provide a platform on which to resolve conflict and prepare a path for a continued co-parenting relationship, even if in separate homes.

In most divorces, the parenting issues are interpersonal rather than legal matters. A divorce mediator can facilitate negotiations that may lead to effective communication between spouses -- and possibly compromise where necessary. Mediation can help parents to focus on the best interests of the children rather than on winning a battle. 

Mediators do not provide legal advice, though each party's divorce attorney typically participates in all sessions. Along with providing valuable input, an attorney can protect the rights of his or her client while making sure that no important matter is left unaddressed. The lawyer can also ensure that the final negotiated agreement complies with applicable law in New Jersey and the procedural requirements of the court.

Source:, "Just to be clear: Family Court Doesn't Resolve Conflict", Gary Direnfeld, June 27, 2016

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