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Divorce can be fair to all parties

Some New Jersey dads may believe that men are rarely treated fairly by the divorce system. However, this might be a misconception, and there are ways to navigate a divorce without involving the court and having a judge make decisions that may be perceived as prejudiced. The ease of reaching mutual agreements that will be in the best interest of both parents and their children depends solely on the couple's ability to communicate and willingness to compromise.

Divorce mediators are available to guide couples through negotiations. Matters that will need discussing include parenting style and custody. Will they go for 50/50 parenting, or will one person having custody suit their circumstances better? They may choose joint custody and work out parenting plans that will cater to the needs of the children while also accommodating the work responsibilities of both parents.

Parents can also reach agreements related to insurance for the children, and although child support is the one aspect that is decided by the court, parents may reach additional agreements related to child support. Another matter that may present problems is the family home. While one parent -- often the mother -- may want to keep the house to avoid traumatizing the children, it may not make financial sense, and alternative options will have to be considered.

Whether a New Jersey couple decides to navigate their divorce themselves or with the help of a divorce mediator, each party will need to retain the services of an experienced divorce attorney. With proper guidance and cooperation of all parties, a final settlement agreement can be drafted in a manner that will be fair to all. Each parent will have a legal representative to ensure the fairness of the agreement while also ensuring that the best interests of the children are protected.

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