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March 2016 Archives

Family law judge recommends divorce mediation

Couples in New Jersey whose relationships have deteriorated to a point where they cannot be in a room together will likely opt for divorce by litigation. In such a case, the court will decide on all issues such as property division, child custody and more. However, it is estimated that approximately 70 percent of divorcing couples are able to resolve contentious family law issues outside of court. This may be achieved on their own or with the guidance of a divorce mediator.

Remember to inform the kids of an imminent divorce

It is often suggested that those most traumatized by a divorce are the children. New Jersey parents may be so emotional by the prospect of coping on their own that they fail to consider how it affects their children. This is not necessarily intentional, and adults sometimes think they are saving the kids the trauma by not informing them of the imminent divorce.

The date of filing for divorce needs careful consideration

New Jersey individuals who are considering divorce will likely know how freely friends and family members part with advice -- even when it has no relevance to their particular circumstances. Listening to others about which strategies worked for some distant friend or cousin in a divorce may only confuse the divorcing individual and increase the emotional stress typically associated with this time. Another source of information that seldom has relevance is the media and its reports of celebrity divorces.

Divorce can be fair to all parties

Some New Jersey dads may believe that men are rarely treated fairly by the divorce system. However, this might be a misconception, and there are ways to navigate a divorce without involving the court and having a judge make decisions that may be perceived as prejudiced. The ease of reaching mutual agreements that will be in the best interest of both parents and their children depends solely on the couple's ability to communicate and willingness to compromise.

Know what to expect when choosing a litigated divorce

Many New Jersey couples are able to work out mutually agreed settlements. However, there are those who fail to agree on a number of issues and sometimes settle for the courts to make these important decisions for them. In cases in which one spouse has a controlling and narcissistic attitude, combined with complex assets and properties to be divided, navigation of a divorce can be difficult.