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Mediation may ease negotiations about parenting time

In New Jersey, as in other states, ending a marriage is naturally an emotional affair for both spouses. However, when there are children involved, parents are sometimes so caught up in their own emotions that the insecurities of the children go unnoticed. While the parents have likely had time to discuss the possibility of a divorce and spent some time getting used to the idea, children are often blindsided by the news. Involving the children in creating a plan for parenting time may reassure them.

An effective parenting plan will allow children to continue existing relationships with both parents without feeling guilty about it. Involving children who are old enough to take part in parenting plan discussions can show them the commitment of both parents. At the same time, rules can be discussed for visitation times with both parents to ensure cooperation by all. Children must know that they will have access to both parents at all times, even if they live apart.

It is not uncommon for children in such circumstances to become withdrawn or moody. Some may show anger and others may lose their appetites. It is vital not to ignore such behavior because it is a sure sign that something is bothering the child. Finding out what it is and addressing the issues before it manifests into other behavioral problems is important. Fortunately, help is available from qualified professionals.

With the support of a New Jersey family law attorney, divorce mediation can be arranged. This is a platform for parents to be guided by an independent third party to calmly negotiate parenting time that will serve the best interests of the children while also accommodating the needs of parents, such as with work schedules. Each parent's legal counsel can be present to provide valuable input and see to the legalities of the ultimate agreement.

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