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January 2016 Archives

Be prepared if a divorce is on the calendar in 2016

In most cases, those who are considering divorce in New Jersey spend a lot of time considering the consequences of such decisions. Many find that the more they think about it, more excuses are made to avoid filing for divorce. However, continuing to live in unhappy circumstances is often unhealthy for the parties and any children who may be involved. Understandably, it is a major step to take. Nevertheless, once a divorce is finalized, those involved often regret having waited so long before taking action.

Mediation may ease negotiations about parenting time

In New Jersey, as in other states, ending a marriage is naturally an emotional affair for both spouses. However, when there are children involved, parents are sometimes so caught up in their own emotions that the insecurities of the children go unnoticed. While the parents have likely had time to discuss the possibility of a divorce and spent some time getting used to the idea, children are often blindsided by the news. Involving the children in creating a plan for parenting time may reassure them.

Can an unmarried father object to adoption of his child?

Unmarried fathers in New Jersey sometimes have to face many stumbling blocks when they want to be a part of their children's lives. In circumstances in which a mother wishes to give a baby up for adoption, fathers who have not been proactive in establishing paternity may be denied any say in the adoption decision. For an unmarried father to have any chance of preventing an adoption, he must be recognized as the father through voluntary paternity acknowledgement at the time of the baby's birth or through DNA paternity testing, and a commitment to responsible parenting must be evident.

There is much more to child support than court ordered payments

The best interests of the children are always the primary focus when child support obligations are determined. The New Jersey Child Support Guidelines govern the calculation of child support in the majority of cases. Factors typically include the incomes and deductions of both parents, parenting time, child care costs in establishing an appropriate amount. The loving support of both parents is an important ingredient to help children to grow into well-adjusted, responsible individuals.