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Parenting time best determined by parents rather than judges

Judges in family courts are perfectly capable of drafting parenting plans, and they may do their best to protect the best interests of a child, but they will never be able to fully understand any particular child's needs. For this reason, many divorcing parents in New Jersey research alternative divorce methods. They may seek an option that will give them the power to make decisions about parenting time, child custody and other issues to meet the needs of the children and the parents.

However, divorce is a complicated and emotional process of which the development of a parenting plan is but one aspect that may cause contention between parents. Fortunately, with the guidance of each party's divorce attorney and their relevant resources, such as child specialists or divorce coaches, professional support teams can be established to guide each parent. Add to this an independent third-party divorce mediator, and mutual agreements may be reached that will allow all the members of the family to move forward with the minimum amount of trauma.

Mediation may help parents steer clear of damaging conflict while it may also equip them with negotiating skills that may be much needed in post-divorce years. Although parents know best when it comes to the current needs of their children, a professional might prepare them for future needs and address those needs in the parenting plan to minimize conflict later. At the same time, important details, such as the work hours of each parent, travel and flexibility, can be accommodated in the plans.

A mediated divorce may not suit the dynamics of all divorcing couples in New Jersey. However, some are committed to facing the challenges of developing a workable plan for parenting time despite the challenges. In addition to his or her valuable input, an experienced family law attorney can handle the legal requirements to obtain the final divorce decree. At the same time, the necessary professionals can help a client to manage the overwhelming emotions that are typically present during this difficult time.

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